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Roll Repair

Roll Repair and Manufacturing.

With one of the most skilled and experienced teams in roll manufacturing and repair, CBM Precision Parts has manufactured and repaired a large variety of high-quality industrial rolls and performed a variety of repairs for customers in various industrial uses with a superior standard and competitive pricing. All roll repairs and manufactured rolls are built above OEM specs.

Your industrial rolls are always the backbone of your industrial equipment, and with that in mind, you do not want to have a question of quality and durability due to poor workmanship in regards to your repair. As a result of our high standard of roll manufacturing and roll repair, we ensure the longevity of your industrial roll. Most of all our goal is not to meet the standard but to always exceed the standard. You can be assured that every Roll that ships out has been produced to the highest standard possible to ensure durability and precision.

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Rolls Manufactured by CBM Precision Parts will Provide A Consistency In Your Work Flow.


CBM’s quality-conscious Roll Manufacturing process ensures we can stand behind every roll produced and repaired.

  • Cutting edge technology manufacturing process: CBM precision parts utilizes the latest technology in advanced CAD programs to ensure precise and dependable specification of your roll no matter the complexity and size.
  • Fast and accurate industrial roll manufacturing: using technologies such as computer-generated heat transfer calculation, our technicians are capable of fabricating and turning any size and type of roll quickly, reliably, and efficiently.
  • Comprehensive quality control: with roll manufacturing from CBM Precision Parts, we aim to meet and exceed the highest quality standards, including both ASME and ISO quality standards.
Industrial Roll Repairs performed by CBM comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and industries.

CBM takes pride in problem-solving for our clients. No matter the size or configuration or your roll, CBM can manufacture and or repair to above OEM standards.

CBM has a standard above all.  Below is a breakdown of our  Repair Services offered.

  • Free TDI
  • Run-out checks by faro laser 2016 brand new measuring equipment
  • New surface coatings chrome, rubber, felt, tungsten,  etc.
  • New reel spool housings
  • New clutch blocks
  • New journals
  • New bearing housings
  • Repair on any roll on the market
  • Same warranty as OEM  and built to all OEM specs or exceeds

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