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Machined Shafts

Premium Machined Shafts engineered to your exact tolerances.

CBM Precision Parts has years of experience in delivering machined shafts with reliability and quality. Machined Shafts are under constant pressure, heat, and load, and CBM offers our customers a piece of mind knowing that the shafts we service are going to handle the various task it is intended to do. With the years of service we have provided in this area our team is more than capable of servicing your Machined shafts needs to ensure reliability under high temperature and heavy workloads while maintaining high resistant to degradation saving you money and time in the long run.

Quality Shaft Repair Services

CBM Precision Parts offers a variety of services to help you maintain and repair your machined shafts. We combine our technical abilities along with our meticulous Quality control department to manufacture a high performing machined shaft with irregular and complex shaft designs.

CBM also offers an outstanding line of repair services.

  • Bearing sleeve replacement,
  • seal packing sleeve replacement,
  • shaft straightening,
  • shaft inspection,
  • shaft honing
  • anti-corrosion coatings.

With CBM’s team of industry leaders and technologies, as well as our over-commitment to personalized customer service, we are sure to provide you with exceptional quality and precise machining.

Let CBM be a problem solver for you!

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