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Felt Roll Design and Manufacturing

Felt Roll Design and Manufacturing

Felt Rolls are a vital part of any paper machine. Like all other parts, the felt roll should be maintained to a high standard. With any felt roll in constant operation and extreme conditions, they can wear over time, and that’s where CBM can step in and help.

CBM Precision Parts has been an industry leader in felt roll engineering and felt roll manufacturing. CBM also services press felt rolls, wet rolls, dryer felt rolls and felt guide rolls. If you would like a standard maintenance service to keep your existing felt rolls optimized for your production needs saving you time and money CBM offers a wide variety of services to fit the most complex of needs. In addition to our maintenance service, we offer New Manufactured felt rolls; designed, engineered and manufactured to your exact specifications. No matter your felt roll needs CBM Precision Parts can provide a solution.

Our Felt Roll team of experts are ready to problem solve for you:

  • Felt roll replacement, service, and repairs
  • Felt roll engineering and manufacturing
  • Designs for new felt rolls
  • Covering with WPT FeltTrax and WireTrax covers
  • Felt roll balancing
  • And more…

CBM Precision Parts Felt Roll Design, Engineer, and Manufacturing

CBM prides itself on manufacturing felt rolls with quality and precision that will offer a reliable product for the future. While CBM is equipped to handle large quantity orders of felt rolls for all of your machines our trained team will also manage your single felt roll order with the highest of standard. All of our felt rolls are delivered ground, balanced and machined ready for your specific industrial conditions.


We regularly provide professional design, engineering, and manufacturing for new:

  • Felt rolls
  • Wet felt rolls
  • Press felt rolls
  • Dryer felt rolls
  • Felt guide rolls

Let CBM be a problem solver for you!

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