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Custom Containers and Skids

Custom Shipping Containers and Skids

At CBM we take pride in solving challenges for our customers. In keeping with that tradition, we now offer custom fabrication for large shipping containers, large transport containers, and custom skids, saving our clients money.

We offer a large variety of tank builds and configurations. From a standard container for shipping and storage to an air-tight Nitrogen container to keep out harmful humid air, with active monitoring pressure regulators and alarms for overfill and underfill of nitrogen. we can custom fabricate any style and any size of Transport Container.

With our transport container solutions being fully customizable we can offer indeed a better solution than anyone else. All of our containers are certified to be airtight, pressure tested, weather resistant and salt resistant as well as Engineer certified to handle your load capacity.

CBM Precision Parts Containers have already been in use to carry Gas Turbine Rotors, Steam Generator Motors, Military Equipment for overseas and long duration storage, highly sensitive electronic instrumentation and expensive metal components.

Let CBM be a problem solver for you!

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