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Large CNC Milling  Service

CBM Precision Parts has a full line of the latest technology when it comes to CNC MIlling.  Our 200,000 Sqft facility equipped with 18 various sized CNC Milling Machines of which we are capable of 3, 4, and 5 axis geometries. With our Die Plate Machining, Molds, 5 Axis-Prototype and Machined plates services we are capable of manufacturing components of various sizes, ranging from the size of a quarter to 398” X 164” X 116”!    Our trained machinist can turn and/or mill your metal or plastic, single prototype item or mass production items with precision, saving you time and money over the competition. Let CBM be a problem solver for you.

What is CNC Milling and why is it important?

CNC milling is the machining process in which rotary cutters are used to remove and shape material guided by a computer-based code.  A CNC milled part offers greater precision and efficiency that is passed on to the customer.

Advantages Of CNC Milling

CNC Milling is great to meet a range of your product development needs. Here are some of the benefits of precision machining:


Quick removal of large amounts of metal material


Highly accurate and repeatable


Suitable for many different kinds of substrates


Scalable volumes from one to 100,000


Low investment in tooling and preparation costs




Fast turnaround

Viper CNC Gantry Mill

Let CBM be a problem solver for you!

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