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24/7 Rush Service

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24/7 Breakdown & Rush Service


For years CBM Precision Parts Manufacturer has been a leader in machining and fabrication with detail on quality and durability. Now, we will be known for so much more. Introducing our  24/7 Emergency Rush Service*.

CBM’s Promise Date Guarantee**

We recognize that “time is money” and we offer the best guarantee in the industry for breakdown services. If we miss the agreed upon promise date we will discount 50% of the invoice for your parts.

Its that simple we miss our promise date you pay half.

24/7 Rush Service is Available on all of CBM’s Services.

Machining 3, 4, and 5 Axis

Welding 100,000 LB Capacity

Plasma Cutting


Reverse Engineering

NDE Inspection

Faro Laser Measurement Services

Assembly Services


Industrial Wet Paint

Thermal Zinc Spray

Rebuild Services

Repair Services

Gearbox and Shafts

Lifting Devices

P.E. Stamps

*Rush Service Terms and Conditions Per Quote; customer must notify CBM Precision Parts at the time of quote if they would like the 24/7 guarantee. 

**The CBM Promise Date Guarantee is available on most Rush Jobs at an added fee. CBM reserves the right to withhold the promise date guarantee based upon their assessment of the quoted job.

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